Create your own Winter Wonderland with Niche Living...

From the fabulous interior designers who have created the uniquely beautiful Greenbank Barns and Gayles Hall Barns, here we have Niche living's top trends to spark inspiration for you to get creative this Christmas at home and create your own festive flavour this year.

There is a definite skill to festive styling and we are fortunate that the property owners do it so well with the help of Niche Living, creating the perfect balance at our own luxury holiday homes. This year we are getting hands-on to create our own winter wonderland with the help of these talented professionals with these stylish festive trays, ready to impress your guests or simply for you to enjoy…

Winter Styling

Starting with a simple rectangular tray which you may lay on a console or window sill, place three candlesticks of different sizes just off centre to create a welcoming balance and wrap these sticks with some festive foliage.

A eucalyptus sprig is perfect for an all-year-round look, however, Niche also has some festive sprigs with a pine cone and sparkle to merge together to create a more relaxed festive look. Place these sprigs in the centre of the tray, intertwined around the candlesticks.

Light the candles, have some mulled wine, and enjoy!


For smaller spaces, Niche also love these gorgeous mini trays which you can place on your bookcase or bedside.

Get creative this Christmas and create this festive feel using three tealight holders of different sizes, placing the largest in the centre and smaller on either side. In the centre, change things up and place a mini Christmas tree in between the lit-up tealights.

We encourage all festive foliage to create a back to nature, authentic winter-wonderland look.


Keep everything in threes, and always use an odd number of items on your tray!

Setting the Christmas table for your guest’s arrival is an important part of the day so be sure to lay it with your best crockery and glassware and dress the table with this gorgeous centrepiece.

Get creative this Christmas and using a large circular tray, place two larger decorative candles at the back with a smaller tea light holder in the front, creating a three-dimensional look.

Sit a large festive sprig in the centre of the tray using traditional festive elements of festive berries and pine cones tangled together with eucalyptus.


The other option is to use some festive foliage in the centre intertwined with three silver candles sticks – so simple and chic.

Niche have these St Eval gold marbled pillar candles available, which you can watch the gold leaf glisten throughout the evening. Finish with some smaller tealights to create a layered look.


Add lights, and lots of them! Instead of lighting candles, use a string of battery-operated fairy lights to twist around into the candle holder.

Whatever decorations you decide upon this Christmas, we hope you have a wonderfully festive season spent with those you love. All of these products mentioned can be found on Niche Living’s website.

Make sure to get booking for this year (or next year if you can’t get the availability) at Greenbank Barns and Gayles Hall Barns. For a family of four to a group of fourteen, you’re guaranteed to be wowed away this Winter.

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