Property Instructions- Darcy Mews


Please respect neighbouring properties and keep noise levels to a minimum between 10pm and 8am especially outside.


The properties are strictly non-smoking. A cigarette bin can be found outside.

WiFi Internet Connection
We have broadband which will allow you to connect to the internet, this is free to use.
When searching for the network look for ‘Darcy Mews’ and use the password d4RCYM3w5!!
If you have any problems connecting, please contact reception on 01748 850 333

Rebook your stay: 

If any guest in your party rebooks within 10 days of your stay, you are entitled to a 5% rebooking discount. The code for this discount is emailed to you on departure.

Refer a friend scheme:You can also take advantage of our refer-a-friend scheme too. If you refer us to your friends and family and they place a booking with us for the first time they can benefit from a 5% discount and you will receive a £50 Holiday At Home voucher when they depart! Simply ask them to quote your name when they book and we will take care of the rest.

The heating in the property is set on a timer so will only run at certain times of day.

Each room temperature is set by a series of thermostats located in each room throughout the property. To set the temperature, spin the dial to the desired temperature between 0 and 30 degrees centigrade.

Please be aware that setting the thermostat temperature higher will not make the room heat up quicker!

If you are too hot or cold at any point during your stay please call us on 01748 850 333 between 8.30am and 5pm and we assist you as soon as possible.

Washer & Dryer
The Washing Machine and Dryer are located in the utility room.
1. Turn the machine on via the button on the right-hand side of the control panel and open the door by pressing the orange button.
2. Spin the control knob to select the desired cycle setting.
3. Close the door and press the start button.
4. To empty the water container after a drying cycle, slide the drawer out at the top left-hand corner of the unit.

Washing Machine
1. Turn the machine on via the button on the right-hand side of the control panel and open the door by pressing the orange button.
2. Spin the control knob to select the desired cycle setting.
3. Add the washing powder to the drawer on the top left-hand side of the unit.
4. Press the start button on the left-hand side of the control panel to commence the cycle.


Starting a programme

  • Press the Power button
  • Press the ‘Programme’ button until your required programme is shown on the display
  • If required, set the delay timer by pressing the Delay Timer button
  • Once a programme is selected, the end of programme light will switch off
  • When you close the dishwasher door, the programme will start automatically

Please Note: The dishwasher stores the most recently used programme in its memory. To change the programme, simply press the Programme Selection button.

At the end of a programme, the dishwasher will beep 5 times, and the end of Programme Indicator light will switch on.


There is an under counter fridge in the kitchen area however please note that there is not a freezer.

Please do not overload the fridge on arrival as this will cause the unit to over heat and therefore your food will not stay chilled which Holiday at Home cannot be held liable for.


To use the hob:

  1. Place a pan on one of the four rings.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the left hand side of the control panel.
  3. Use the up and down arrows to set the temperature of the hob on a scale of 1-9.

Be aware- The hob will take time to cool down. Do not touch or place any items on the hob until the ‘H’ symbol has disappeared from the control panel.

To use the timer function:

  1. Once the temperature of the hob has been set, press the clock symbol on the hob control panel.
  2. Press this repeatedly until the red dot corresponds with the desired hob ring.
  3. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ icons on the control panel to set the number of minutes you would like to set on hob on for.
  4. The hob will alarm once the time has run out.

Locking the hob and child proofing:

  1. To lock the hob, press the ‘On’ button on the left hand side of the control panel.
  2. Once the panel illuminates, press and hold the ‘Lock’ button / padlock for 5 seconds.
  3. To unlock the hob, repeat this process.

Press the red power button at the top left of the LG remote. Press the Guide button on the remote and use the arrows the select your programme.
To use the smart functions, press the Guide button on the remote again, and use the arrows to select the desired app.
DON’T FORGET to log out of your Netflix, Amazon, and any other accounts you’ve used.

Please do not put: –

  • Anything down the toilet except natural things and toilet paper.
  • Any sanitary products, face wipes or cotton wool down the toilet – bags are provided.

There is designated parking for one car per property within the car park at Darcy Mews. There is an additional overflow first come first serve parking round the corner from Darcy Mews. On leaving the car park turn right and follow the road. Additional parking is on the right. You can park in the car park outside of Darcy Mews with a max stay of 4 hours. You can leave the car there overnight.

For your pet’s safety and consideration of other guests staying, please be mindful of the following:

  • Up to 2 dogs are allowed at Darcy Mews in properties. The Penthouse is dog free.
  • Please clean up after your dog.
  • Do not allow dogs into the bedrooms or on to furniture.

Dogs are not permitted to run free. There are some great walks along the riverside towards The Station.