The Little Drummer Boy Walk

A three mile (5km) circular walk from the marketplace along the riverbank to Easby Abbey. The return route follows the old railway track.

The legend: Many years ago, around the end of the 18th century, soldiers discovered the opening to a small tunnel under the castle Keep. They lowered a regimental drummer boy down into the crevice and he was told to follow the passage beating his drum as he went. Guided by the sound of drumming, the soldiers would follow the route above ground. The drumming led them away from the Castle, across the Market Place in the direction of Frenchgate, and alongside the River Swale towards Easby.

In the woods, half a mile from the Abbey, the drumming stopped. The drummer boy was never seen again.

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Navigating The Walk

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Begin from the castle walk into the centre of the market place and then down and out the bottom left hand corner onto Frenchgate.  Turn right onto Station Road and walk downhill. At the corner wall of the churchyard on the left, just before the bridge, turn left into Lombards Wynd, then about 30m further on, with some impressive large houses ahead of you, turn right. Along the path on your left you will see a green sign: Easby Abbey 3/4 mile.

Follow the path through the woods with the river on your right. At the gate leading into a wide field is the Drummer Boy Stone – marking the spot where the soldiers last heard the sound of drumming. You can take either path; they both arrive at a stile (via some steps, if you choose the lower path). Go through and walk diagonally across the field until you meet the road.

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Turn right down the lane, with the Abbey gatehouse on your left and the churchyard on your right. You can take a detour to explore the church and the ruins of Easby Abbey behind it, before returning to the path which bears slightly to the left into the woods.

Turn right across the old iron bridge crossing the Swale and walk along the old railway track – heading back towards Richmond.
When you reach The Station, turn right onto the main road and cross the bridge. Cross the road and take the gate through to The Batts, the green area with the river below.

Follow the path along the wall which leads onto Park Wynd and then walk up Millgate. The steps on the left rise up to Tower Street and Richmond Castle. You can then walk back into the market-place to FINISH.

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