Property Instructions - Aquarius Rising

Office Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday:                                           8.30am – 5.00pm

Saturday and Sunday:                                    9.00am – 1.00pm, remaining open to arriving guests.

Reception remains open to welcome arriving weekend guests, meaning varied afternoon opening hours after 1pm. 

Office telephone number:                               01748 850333

Emergency out of hours number:                   07919 451626

Care of the Property

We have decorated and equipped our properties to a high specification, most items have been individually sourced and are expensive to replace. Thank you for looking after everything. We do understand that occasionally accidents happen; please report breakages as soon as possible to give us time to replace them before the next guests arrive. Please refer to our terms and conditions with any questions.


Please respect neighbouring properties and keep noise levels to a minimum between 10pm and 8am especially outside.


The property is strictly non-smoking. If smoking outside please don’t leave cigarette ends on the ground.

WiFi Internet Connection

A WiFi connection is available and there is no password.

Safety Around Aquarius Rising

We ask you to supervise your children at all times when outdoors and in the property. Special attention should be paid to the hot tub area, the pizza oven and the tree house.

Rebook your stay: 

If any guest in your party rebooks within 10 days of your stay, you are entitled to a 5% rebooking discount. The code for this discount is emailed to you on departure.

Refer a friend scheme:You can also take advantage of our refer-a-friend scheme too. If you refer us to your friends and family and they place a booking with us for the first time they can benefit from a 5% discount and you will receive a £50 Holiday At Home voucher when they depart! Simply ask them to quote your name when they book and we will take care of the rest.


The heating is set on a timer and is adjusted by season. There are wall thermostats around the property that can be adjusted, and most radiators have a thermostat and can be individually controlled.

If you are finding the hating isn’t right for you, please get in touch with the Holiday at Home reception on 01748 850333 or email [email protected]

There are fire blankets and extinguishers located in the utility room.

If access to the main door is blocked, the bedroom and bathroom windows can be opened fully using two rectangular silver tabs on each side of the window; push these in at the same time whilst pushing the window outwards.

In the unlikely event of a fire, please think of your own safety first. Please evacuate people as necessary before attempting to extinguish any minor outbreaks.  If the fire is too large, call the emergency services on 999 giving the address. If you are asked to evacuate your lodge for any reason please assemble at the tennis court.

Aquarius Rising, Colburn Richmond, North Yorkshire. DL10 7PJ

Then contact 01748 850333 (office hours) or the out of hours emergency number: 07919 451626

Please make yourself aware of all the exit routes on your arrival. When going to bed, we recommend you shut doors and keep the keys for exit doors in an obvious place should you need to leave the building quickly. Should you have any questions around the exits in the the property, the fire alarms or how to evacuate the building safely, then please contact us at the start of your stay.

To use the TV: 

  • Press the red power button on the JVC remote
  • Use the Guide button on the remote and use the arrows to select the program.

To use the SONY Sound Bar: 

  • Using the SONY Sound remote, press the Power button.
  • Using your device, turn on your Bluetooth, and search for the soundbar.
  • Once connected via Bluetooth you can play your music through the system automatically and use the remote to adjust the volume etc.

Master Bedroom TV (No terrestrial signal)

  • Press the red power button on the Samsung remote
  • Use the home button and switch accross the ‘smart’ apps including Netflix etc

Marshall Sound Speaker (School Room)

Please find Marshall Instructions here 

To switch it on pull and hold the power lever to the front of the speaker until the power sound and light indicator come on. Do the same to power off.

To connect to Bluetooth switch the source to Bluetooth so the blinker comes on then select ‘Standmore II’

The hot tub will be cleaned out and filled with fresh water on the day of your arrival. We endeavour to get it to temperature for your arrival, but it does take a number of hours so please keep an eye on it. The hot tub is pre-set to 38’c and will regulate to this temperature. If you find the temperature needs altering, please contact our reception team.

You do not need to empty the water during your stay, there is an anti-bacterial treatment for the water in the hot tub.

To operate the jets, press the bottom left button on the control pad and top left button to turn them off. You can turn the internal lights on by pressing the bottom right button and off by pressing the top right button

To alter the force of the air jets, please use the ‘air’ turn control. The larger turn control can be used to regulate the jet massage control

A lot of factors play a role when the water is heating, ambient temperature, weather conditions etc. Keep the lid on the hot tub when heating to conserve the heat and replace, securing the clips when not in use.

If you have any issues before 5pm please contact reception on 01748 850 333


If you have any issues after 5pm please call our out of hours number on 07919 451626.

Lights for the Hot Tub Area

These are in the outside “store room” just to the left of the hot tub.

The sauna lights are inside the sauna, up high to the right hand side.



The lights are on a grey switch high up on the right as you walk in.

All children MUST be supervised when using the sauna.

The Sauna on / off switch is in the middle of the right-hand wall, the red button high up on the wall.

  • Sauna operating instructions 
  • 1 – Make sure you switch the timer on (On the wall)
  • 2 – Turn sauna on in the changing room (red switch on wall) then wait 15-20mins 
  • 3 – Take a shower before you enter 
  • 4 – Only add water if you require steam. Maximum amount 1/2 small cup over the coals at a time.
  • 5 – Turn the left hand timer dial to desired duration of your sauna.
  • 6 – Turn the left hand temperature dial until you hear a ‘clunk’, the unit is now heating the coals.
  • 7 – Please remember to turn the sauna off all the wall in the changing room once you are finished.

There is a heater above the door if you are changing outside in cooler months. Please ensure to turn this off after use!



NB Ensure the glass is not closed whilst the burners are on at the top of the oven! If you can’t get the burners to light, check the burner ring is sitting correctly.

Please use the trivets on the side, rather than putting hot pans on the marble worktops.

For the oven: Turn the second knob from left counter-clockwise. Push in the knob for the gas, and hold in until it’s lit. You can see the gas will be on at the bottom.

For the grill: Turn the knob to the right for the grill, push it in to light the grill.

Washer & Dryer

The washing machine is also a dryer. It is in the utility room, through the left door through the cloakroom.


  1. Spin the dial to select the desired wash setting.
  2. Press the button on the left-hand side of the control panel to set the wash temperature.
  3. Press the next button along to set the spin speed.
  4. Press the Start / Pause button on the right-hand side of the control panel to commence the wash cycle.
  5. If using the dryer function it is advised to give the load an extra spin before setting to dry.

The lighting for the room is in various places, primarily in the bar area before you walk into the school room.

The disco ball is on a plug by the Chinese console table in the centre of the room.

There is some artwork around this pillar which will be backlight once you plug it in.

For your pet’s safety and consideration of our other guests, please be mindful of the following:

  • Up to 2 dogs are allowed at the property.
  • Please clean up after your dog (spare bags are available in the kitchen).
  • Do not allow dogs into the bedrooms or onto furniture.
  • Please do not allow dogs upstairs.
  • Please be mindful of dogs on leads – there are sheep in the surrounding fields.

Should excess dog mess be left in the grounds, a cleaning charge may apply.  There may also be charges if dogs are allowed upstairs.

There’s 1 big bin shed in the back right corner courtyard if you were facing out. Inside that, there are 3 x black bins which are for general waste, 2 x very large red sacks on hooks for plastic and cardboard & 3 bottle recycling boxes. Any excess can be placed in bags at the bag.