Property Instructions - Harelands

General Information

Be Safe
On arrival please make yourself familiar with the emergency exits and fire safety procedures in the guestbook. Should you have any questions please do let us know.

Share Your Stay
You can find us online on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We love hearing from you, so please share your memories with us using #holidayathomeyorkshire or tag us @holidayathomeyorkshire

Care of the Property
We have decorated and equipped our properties to a high specification, most items have been individually sourced and are expensive to replace. Thank you for looking after everything. We do understand that accidents can happen, please report breakages asap to give us time to replace them before the next guests arrive. Please refer to our terms and conditions with any questions.

Please note that CCTV is operational outside the property for security. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The password is HarHolHouse

Please respect neighbouring properties and keep noise levels to a minimum between 10pm and 8am, especially outside using the hot tub.

The properties are strictly non-smoking. A cigarette bin can be found outside.

Day Guests
You have booked Harelands for the number of guests on your booking confirmation. If this is any different, please notify us immediately as failure to do so will contravene our fire & safety regulations. If you are planning for guests to join you in the day, please inform us in advance. The number of day guests must not significantly exceed the advertised numbers for the property, thank you for your consideration.

Lost Property
If guests leave any personal belongings behind they must be claimed within two weeks. We are happy to return any goods for a charge from £10, depending on the item. Please note items will not be kept any longer than two weeks due to the high volume of lost property accumulated.

Frequently Asked Questions
These can be found online here:


Dog Owners
For your pet’s safety and consideration of our other guests, please be mindful of the following:

  • Please clean up after your dog outside, bagging up any waste and using the external bin.
  • Do not allow your dog upstairs, into the bedrooms or on to furniture.

Games Room
The games room is accessed near the BBQ area, next to the black entrance gate. You are welcome to use the football pitch, and to bring your own football.
*GAMES ROOM HEATING; this will come on whilst the house heating is on, if you require any further heat please use the heater in the games room, by flicking the switch and this will give you 1/2hrs heat.

The Lakes
There is access to the lake through the gate at the front of the garden. You are welcome to walk around the lakes and enjoy the jetty; we recommend a morning coffee on the deckchairs to enjoy the surrounding wildlife. You are welcome to fish for Carp and Tench (float or fly fishing).

There is a gas BBQ located on the patio at the front of the property. Please ensure gas is turned off after use. There is a spare gas bottle located in the utility room if required. Please let Holiday at Home know if this has been used.

Hot Tub Operation
Please read the safety information before using. The hot tub will be cleaned out and filled with fresh water on the day of your arrival.  You do not need to empty the water during your stay, there is an anti-bacterial treatment for the water in the hot tub. Any damage to the tub must be reported immediately and will be your responsibility.
The hot tub is tested daily for health and safety compliance. It takes 5-10 minutes and the operative will not disturb your stay.

  • The water is heated via an electric heater. This warms at around 1 degree per hour so the hot tub may not be able to be used on the first night. There is a thermometer on the control panel; the most desirable temperature for most people is around about 38C. A lot of factors play a role when heating the water, ambient temperature, weather conditions etc. Keep the lid on the hot tub when heating to conserve the heat.
  • There are buttons to control lights and jets on the control panel on the front of the tub.
  • The water is heated by circulating through the system via an inlet and outlet pipe within the hot tub. DO NOT let the water drop below its original level. If necessary, please use the hose pipe provided to top up the water level.

The lid: this folds back in two sections and requires two people. Undo the 2 clips on the front corners, fold the lid in half, then use the metal bar at the back of the tub to slide off the lid by placing a foot on each end of the bar and pressing down.

If you have any issues before 5pm please contact reception on 01748 850333
If you have any issues after 5pm please call our out of hours number on 07768 244891.

Log Burning Stove

  • To open the log burner use the wooden handles supplied. Always remove the wooden handle from the door or else there is chance of it setting on fire if it gets to hot.
  • Load the burner with a firelighter and 5-6 sticks. Light these and let them get hot, before adding a log after 3-4 minutes.
  • The air flow can be adjusted using the vent toggle on the top right corner of the burner. Place it to the right for additional air to heat the unit up, and to the left to dampen the fire down.
  • There is a lever on bottom which you can use to alter the draw by how much air flows into the stove.
  • If you are cold in the living room by the stairs we recommend lighting the log burner as this will heat the room more quickly and for longer than turning up the thermostat.

WARNING: The outside of the stove does become hot, please do not allow children to operate or play with the stove.


The heating in the property is set on a timer so it will only run at certain times of the day. There is a portable thermostat which remains in the kitchen that controls all of the house, except the sunroom. It has been set to ensure the house is warm enough for you from morning to evening.

Should you need a bit of extra heat use the buttons on the front above and below the thermometer to alter the temperature. The program button should remain on Auto.

There is underfloor heating in the Sun Room on a separate control to the rest of the house. This is where the dining table is and the control is on the wall. You can use the plus and minus buttons should you need to alter the temperature.

Please be aware that setting the temperature thermostat higher will not make the room heat up quicker!

**GAMES ROOM** The heating will come on in the games room whilst the house heating is on, if you require any further heat please use the heater in the games room, by flicking the switch and this will give you 1/2hrs heat.

If you are too hot or cold at any point during your stay please call us on 01748 850 333 between 8.30am and 5pm and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Recycling and Rubbish Disposal
Plastic boxes are provided for recycling, they are kept on the left hand side of the black gates by the parking. We recycle glass, paper, cans and recyclable plastics and cartons (check on the pack) please use the boxes accordingly, please help by making sure bottles, cans and containers are clean before putting them into the box.

Rubbish should be put in the bin, which can be found to the rear of the property. Please use the bin liners provided. If you require your bin emptying during your stay please ask reception. Please do not leave rubbish bags outside where animals may be tempted.

Parking & EV Charging
The parking for Harelands sits at the front of the property opposite the stables. Access to parking is through the double black gates, which can be locked via a bolt on the floor.
The 2 Electric Vehicle charging points sit on the wall to the right of the entry gates, for your use on a complimentary basis.


  • Turn the dishwasher on with the power button found on the top of the drawer.
  • Press the programme selector on the top left hand side of the dishwasher and a light will flash through each programme each time you press the button.
  • When you have chosen your desired programme, close the drawer and the dishwasher will start automatically.
  • The dishwasher will beep when finished.
  • Dishwasher tablets are located in the cupboard under the sink.

Fridge Freezer
To adjust the temperature settings, select the Fridge or Freezer button and scroll through to select temperature. If the panel is in childlock mode, on the control panel press and hold the Fridge/Vacation buttons.
Please do not overload the fridge freezer on arrival as this will cause the unit to over heat and therefore your food will not stay chilled.

To change the ice dispenser settings between cubes and crushed ice, press the ice button in the centre of the panel and look for the changing icons on the display. Press your glass up against the lever below the dispenser and hold.

The Wine Cooler
This can be set at two separate temperatures across the top and bottom compartments. These can be set using the plus and minus buttons inside the fridge. Only the lower compartment can be set warmer than the top compartment.

Hob and Oven
The full manual can be found here: Electric Range Cooker Manual

Using the Oven: Set the temperature knob to the desired level. The oven heats up to the adjusted temperature and it maintains it; during heating, the temperature lamp will stay on. Each knob shows which of the three ovens it controls. The top left oven is a grill, with heat settings numbered 1-6.

Using the Grill: When using the grill, the oven door does need to be wide open. This is a ‘safety’ feature.

Using the Hob:


Microwave Oven

1. The microwave does not need turning on. Choose the power level you would like using the top knob.
2. Twist the bottom knob the set the length of time you would like the microwave to run for. It will start as soon as the door is closed.
Defrost setting: the weight in kilograms is written around the timer knob, and the top knob should be set to the M.Low setting.

Television & DVD

• Press the red power button at top of the Panasonic remote to turn on the television. Is take 5-10 seconds for the television to turn on.
• Press the Home button on the Panasonic remote and use the arrows to select your program.
• To use the smart functions, press the white Play button on the Panasonic remote and use the arrows to select the desired app.
• To use the DVD Player, press the AV input button at the top right of the remote and select HDMI 1. From this point use the DVD remote.

Sound bar

There is a bluetooth sound bar in the sitting room. To connect your bluetooth device press and hold the pairing button on the Panasonic theatre system remote until the blue light flashes on the sound bar. You can pair with your device called SC-HTB208 in the menu under your bluetooth paired devices on your phone.

Washing Machine & Dryer
There are located in the utility room adjoining the kitchen.
Washing Machine: Add powder to the top left drawer on the front of the machine. Set your cycle using the central dial on the control panel, and press the start/pause button to commence the wash.
Dryer: Turn the dial on the control panel to select your preferred programme, and press start.

Dog Friendly Places to Eat & Drink

Dog Friendly Places to Eat & Drink

King’s Head, Richmond Address: 10 Market Place, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 4HS Web: A historic 18th Century Coaching Inn, with a 21st Century refurbishment! The Inn still boasts fine Georgian architecture and has played host to many famous people over the years. Musician Franz Liszt famously gave a piano recital in retained ballroom in 1841. Dog Friendly. 

The Fox Hole, Piercebridge Address: Piercebridge, Darlington DL2 3SJ Web: With an inspired mix of traditional features and contemporary decor, choose from a selection of locally brewed, hand pulled beers, organic wines and a large selection of spirits – with an extensive gin selection.  From the kitchen, enjoy dishes inspired by locally sourced, seasonal, fresh ingredients. Clean, well behaved dogs are welcome in the Wellie Bar and Garden provided they are kept on their lead. Doggy beers also available.

Morritt Arms Hotel Address: Greta Bridge, Nr. Barnard Castle, Co. Durham, DL12 9SE Tel: 01833 627232 Web: Beautiful hotel, close to the busy A66 trans-Pennine route, but surprisingly tranquil. The bar area (with fabulous murals) is very dog-friendly, and regularly has wet hounds in it. The garden is lovely too, in sunny weather. There are great walks up the River Greta or along the Tees. The food in the bar is excellent, and Timothy Taylor’s Landlord is on draught…

The Rose & Crown at Romaldkirk Address: Barnard Castle, Co. Durham, DL12 9EB Tel: 01833 650 213 Web: This 18th century coaching inn stands next to the Saxon church in the picturesque village of Romaldkirk near Barnard Castle amidst the stunning countryside of Teesdale where the Durham and Yorkshire dales meet in spectacular rural landscapes.

Others in the area:
The Farmers Arms – Village Green, Scorton
The Black Horse, Kirkby Fleetham – Doggies allowed in the bar
The Station, Richmond – Doggies are allowed on the outside seating area
The Red Well Inn, Barnard Castle – Doggies allowed
The Tan Hill Inn, Swaledale – Doggies allowed, the highest pub in the UK
The Turf Hotel, Richmond – Doggies welcome in the bar
The Castle Tavern, Richmond – Doggies allowed in the bar
The Black Lion, Richmond – Doggies allowed in the bar