Property Instructions - Porte House

General Information

Be Safe
On arrival at Porte House, please make yourself familiar with the emergency exits and fire safety procedures in the guestbook. Should you have any questions please do let us know.

Care of the Property
We have decorated and equipped our properties to a high specification, most items have been individually sourced and are expensive to replace. Thank you for looking after everything. We do understand that accidents can happen, please report breakages asap to give us time to replace them before the next guests arrive. Please refer to our terms and conditions with any questions.


We have broadband which will allow you to connect to the internet, this is free to use. When searching for the network look for BTHub6-7C2J and use the password LdNmnX7MiV4d to connect.

If you have any problems connecting or cannot find the network, the first point is the troubleshooting guide here on page 8: Troubleshooting Guide

Please respect neighbouring properties and keep noise levels to a minimum between 10pm and 8am.

The properties are strictly non-smoking. A cigarette bin can be found outside.

Rebook your stay: 

If any guest in your party rebooks within 10 days of your stay, you are entitled to a 5% rebooking discount. The code for this discount is emailed to you on departure.

Refer a friend scheme:You can also take advantage of our refer-a-friend scheme too. If you refer us to your friends and family and they place a booking with us for the first time they can benefit from a 5% discount and you will receive a £50 Holiday At Home voucher when they depart! Simply ask them to quote your name when they book and we will take care of the rest.

Fire Places

The fire in the sitting room is fully working, and you will find logs, kindling, and firelighters. Additional logs are found in the log store outside. Please never leave the room with the fire lit without putting the fireguard up.

The dining room log burner is operational. Please be aware the top gets very hot when alight.

The snug electric fire will give out lots of heat to keep you warm, but the top does get hot. Please handle it carefully, and let it fully cool before touching it.

WARNING: The outside of the stove does become hot, please do not allow children to operate or play with the stove.

Take care when topping up the stove, keep hold of the handle when re-fuelling and do not put hands into the unit when the fire is lit. when opening the door of the lit stove, do this slowly so there’s no backdraught.

Lighting the fire:

  • Ensure the chamber is empty and clear of excess ashes.
  • Open the door using the handle
  • Stack kindling loosely in the chamber
  • Place a couple of small logs on top of the kindling and two firefighters in the middle of the pile; light with a match. Try not to let the firefighters burn near the glass as this will make it go black.

Please do not attempt to burn anything other than wood on the stove, paper causes excess ash to form and can make the stove dusty and smoky.


The heating throughout the house is operated by thermostats, located on each floor. This is set before your arrival so hopefully, you will only need to alter the thermostats attached to the individual radiators around the house.

Please be aware that setting the temperature thermostat higher will not make the room heat up quicker.

If you have any issues with the heating during your stay please contact the office between 8.30am and 5pm on 01748 850333.

Bluetooth Speaker System (Kitchen)

The Tempo Duo offers crystal clear DAB radio reception, as well as Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream your own choice of music wirelessly from your smart device.

How to connect to Bluetooth? Simply pair up your smart device via Bluetooth and listen to your own library or streamed content. Once connected, use the handy dedicated buttons to play, pause and skip tracks so you’re not having to fiddle with your phone.

The sitting room television is turned on using the LG remote.

The second smaller silver remote control operates the Apple TV box. From here you can access iPlayer, Netflix, and other online accounts. Please make sure to log out of your accounts on departure. If the option doesn’t immediately appear to ensure the Apple box is on (press any button on the silver remote) and the correct Source on the TV is selected – HDMI 1.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the television, the model LG 42LW45OU

Boiling Water Tap

The kitchen sink has a hot water tap, rather than the property having a kettle. The left hand tap will switch it on, by pulling across the safety slider and twisting it away from you.

The water will come out boiling instantly, so please use cautiously. 



Cooking on it…

You control each hob and the top oven from simple and easy to operate controls behind the bottom left-hand door. The hobs have several settings ranging from simmering to boiling temperatures.

The hobs work independently of each other as does the top oven. They can all be independently heat controlled meaning you can be frying on one hob, simmering on the other while roasting in the oven or just have on whatever you need when you want it.

  • Frying on either hob takes 10 minutes from a cold hob
  • Allow up to an hour for the top oven to reach 200C for baking. You can select a specific temperature in your top oven ensuring it is an accurate heat.
  1. Timing your oven to come on

You can choose to operate the oven by a timer, again to suit yourself, by switching the oven on 1 hour 35 min’s before you need to e.g.


  • There is a dishwasher in the kitchen.1. Press the power button on the left-hand side of the dishwasher door.
  1. Insert a tablet.
  2. Use the ‘<Program>’ buttons to select a cycle. These are the first 5 buttons after the power button.
  3. Press the start button and close the door.

Please find below the user manual –

Fridge Freezer

NEFF N50 Fridge Freezer

The fridge and freezer are set to the right temperature, and you should not need to alter this during your stay. Please be aware that if you significantly overload the fridge freezer on arrival this can cause the unit to overheat. If you do this and your food does not stay chilled, Holiday at Home cannot be held liable.

The Wine Cooler

The wine fridge is located in the kitchen and is always turned on.

There is the option to make it colder, when you open the door there is a plus or minus button.

Washing Machine & Dryer

Located in the cellar, head downstairs to the first room on the left. There is washing powder for the machine in the cupboard under the sink. You have a drying rack and also the ironing facilities in the same room.

Washing Machine

  1. Turn the machine on via the button on the right-hand side of the control panel and open the door.
  2. Spin the control knob to select the desired cycle setting.
  3. Add the washing powder to the drawer on the top left-hand side of the unit.
  4. Press the start button on the left-hand side of the control panel to commence the cycle this is below the power button.

The programs are clearly labeled on the front of the machine, as are the spin and temperature settings. 


  1. Turn the machine on via the button on the right-hand side of the control panel and open the door.
  2. Spin the control knob to select the desired cycle setting.
  3. Close the door and press the start button located below the power button.
  4. To empty the water container after a drying cycle, slide the drawer out at the top left-hand corner of the unit.
  5. If you have an error during use, try removing the filter from just inside the door to empty lint, then return the filter and close the door.

Richmond is a wonderful dog-friendly area, and from Porte House there are many walks on your doorstep. Our favourite is to head towards the River Swale, and along past The Station along the old railway track to Easby Abbey along the river banks. Please keep your dog on a lead at all times in the surrounding fields where there are sheep.

We allow a maximum of two dogs in the property. Please do not allow dogs into the bedrooms or onto furniture.

Please clean up after your dog and put waste in the bin.

Cushions for outdoor seating are stored in the storage cupboard outside in the courtyard.The brazier is an external fire and can be used with logs like a normal fire. Please don’t sit it too close to the walls or plants.

There is street parking on Frenchgate which is first come first served and is free for all guests. No ticket or permit is needed.

All waste put in the main wheelie bin will be disposed of as general waste. The black bin is found through the gate at the end of the garden.

We actively support and encourage recycling, therefore guests are kindly asked to take recycling to Nuns Close Car Park Recycling Services, which is just a couple of minutes by car or a short walk in the centre of Richmond. It offers all types of recycling.