Property Instructions - The Old Potting Shed

Office Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:                                           8.30am – 5.00pm

Saturday and Sunday:                                    9.00am – 1.00pm, remaining open to arriving guests.

Reception remains open to welcome arriving weekend guests, meaning varied afternoon opening hours after 1pm. 

Office telephone number:                               01748 850333

Emergency out of hours number:                   07919 451626

Care of the Property

We have decorated and equipped our properties to a high specification, most items have been individually sourced and are expensive to replace. Thank you for looking after everything. We do understand that occasionally accidents happen; please report breakages as soon as possible to give us time to replace them before the next guests arrive. Please refer to our terms and conditions with any questions.


Please respect neighbouring properties and keep noise levels to a minimum between 10pm and 8am especially outside.


The property is strictly non-smoking. If smoking outside please don’t leave cigarette ends on the ground.

Safety Around at The Old Potting Shed

We ask you to supervise your children at all times when outdoors and in the hot tub.

WiFi Internet Connection

A WiFi connection is available and the password is: RVNBPNXMRF

Rebook your stay: 

If any guest in your party rebooks within 10 days of your stay, you are entitled to a 5% rebooking discount. The code for this discount is emailed to you on departure.

Refer a friend scheme:You can also take advantage of our refer-a-friend scheme too. If you refer us to your friends and family and they place a booking with us for the first time they can benefit from a 5% discount and you will receive a £50 Holiday At Home voucher when they depart! Simply ask them to quote your name when they book and we will take care of the rest.


There are fire blankets and extinguishers located in the utility room.

If access to the main door is blocked, the bedroom and bathroom windows can be opened fully using two rectangular silver tabs on each side of the window; push these in at the same time whilst pushing the window outwards.

In the unlikely event of a fire, please think of your own safety first. Please evacuate people as necessary before attempting to extinguish any minor outbreaks.  If the fire is too large, call the emergency services on 999 giving the address. If you are asked to evacuate your lodge for any reason please assemble at the tennis court.

The Old Potting Shed, Culloden Mews, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 4RF

Then contact 01748 850333 (office hours) or the out of hours emergency number: 07919 451626

Please make yourself aware of all the exit routes on your arrival. When going to bed, we recommend you shut doors and keep the keys for exit doors in an obvious place should you need to leave the building quickly. Should you have any questions around the exits in the the property, the fire alarms or how to evacuate the building safely, then please contact us at the start of your stay.

The heating is supplied by a gas combi boiler in the kitchen and thermostat in in the sitting room. Hot water is supply and demand from the combi boiler.

Log Burning Stove

Logs and kindling are provided and are stacked in the log store as you enter the property in the porch.

Fire-lighters and matched will be by the log burner.

WARNING: The outside of the stove does become hot, especially the lid and handles, please do not allow children to operate or play with the stove. Do not light the stove if it is of risk to children.

Take care when topping up the stove.

Lighting the fire:

Ensure the chamber is empty and clear of excess ashes.

Open the door of the stove using the handle.

Stack kindling loosely in the chamber put a couple of firelighters on top and then some more sticks, light the firelighters with a match.

Wait for the sticks to start crackling.

Place a couple of small logs on top of the kindling, Close the door, make sure it’s firmly shut. Try not to let the logs burn near the glass as this will make it go black.

Keep an eye on the fire as it starts to burn and be ready to top up with logs. Do not overfill the chamber with wood. Do not use paper as this blackens the glass.

Please do not attempt to burn anything other than wood on the stove, paper causes excess ash to form and can make the stove dusty and smoky.


Dishwasher tablets can be found under the sink. Please remove all excess food and grease before loading the dishwasher.

Starting a programme:

Press the Power button

Press the programme you require.

Fridge & Freezer

Please do not overload the fridge freezer on arrival as this will cause the unit to overheat and therefore your food will not stay chilled which Holiday at Home cannot be held liable for. You shouldn’t need to alter the temperature during your stay.


To use the hob:

  1. To turn on the hob make sure it has power from the switch being on at the kitchen wall.
  2. Press the power button, select the hob you would like to use by pressing the heat level arrows + or –
  3. When finished using the hob turn down the temp to zero.

Be aware – The hob will take time to cool down. Do not touch or place any items on the hob until the red light has disappeared from the control panel. Do not leave the hob unattended when in use.


There are controls for the two ovens (top & bottom) either oven can be used or both at the same time. Select whether you like top or bottom, the top controls are on the left and the bottom controls are on the right. Having selected top or bottom, select the desired temperature with the left knob, the right hand knob selects the oven or grill.

Washer & Dryer

Please follow the link below for the instruction manual for the washer dryer.

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The TV’s in the property will receive terrestrial channels as well as on demand, such as Netflix and iPlayer.

Rubbish should be put in the bin which can be found outside the property.

For your pet’s safety and consideration of our other guests, please be mindful of the following:

Only one dog is permitted unless a request for 1 more dog has been agreed before arrival.

Please clean up after your dog (spare bags available at reception).

Please keep your dog on a lead at all times outside the property boundaries.

Do not allow dogs into the bedrooms or on to furniture.