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10 Years of Brompton Lakes!

North Yorkshire’s much loved, family-run luxury lodges celebrated 10 years in business in April 2019. We look back on a decade of entrepreneurial vision and some proper hard Yorkshire graft to see how Brompton Lakes Lodges Yorkshire became what it is today…

From humble beginnings with only one employee – Kate Richardson working from a Portakabin – and a vision of grandeur, Brompton Lakes has grown significantly over the past decade. Now employing over 30 people, the 21 award-winning lakeside lodges in North Yorkshire have welcomed over 50,000 guests over the years.

luxury lodges

In the beginning...

In 2019, Company Director Roy Stephenson, met a friend who was selling some fishing lakes near Brompton on Swale. “What greeted me was a rather sad, run-down, overgrown ex quarry site with two fishing lakes. My initial answer was a very clear no, however days later I visited some holiday lodges nearby and this got me thinking…

To cut a long story short I bought the site and work commenced in 2008 and it was quickly evident that the potential was huge. I found a local team to design the lodges on-site, from scratch, stating an emphasis on luxury living. Contemporary styling, spacious rooms, big windows and great views were central to this. I also wanted to embody certain sustainable tourism credentials into the project such as heat pump technology and sedum roofs which we can still see in action today!”

luxury lodges


Today, Brompton Lakes Lodges Yorkshire are part of the Holiday at Home Ltd luxury holiday home portfolio. This now includes over 60 unique holiday properties across North Yorkshire. Privately owned by Roy and his family, Charlotte and Will both now work in the business. They also manage properties for other property owners in the Yorkshire area.

When first looking at buying the fisheries all those years ago, it was only a pipe dream that the luxury lodges at Brompton Lakes would exist as they do today. Now it gives us the opportunity to meet so many incredible guests and to work with our passionate owners and their properties. We would like to thank you all for your support over the past decade.

Be part of our story for the next 10 years…

“The original business plan had been to develop the site and sell the lakeside lodges. However the concept quickly changed into a holiday letting model, the only snag being I didn’t know the first thing about running a holiday company!  The other thing I knew nothing about was that the world was just about to go into melt-down with the financial crash of 2008.  Brilliant timing it wasn’t! However, I carried on and recruited an excellent team covering sales, marketing, housekeeping and maintenance convinced this would work.”

With a customer satisfaction rating of 98% and a strong base of loyal returning guests, Brompton Lakes must be doing something right!

Our Reviews

“We found out about Brompton Lakes in 2009 and booked straightaway to stay the following year. We absolutely love it there, and so do our friends who often come to visit us whilst we are staying. The site is tranquil and beautiful, watching the wildfowl on the lakes is fascinating and entertaining. There is beautiful countryside to explore and lots of places to visit nearby, like Leyburn and Hawes and Castle Bolton to name just a few.”

Mrs Harrison, has visited Brompton Lakes 37 times since 2009.

‘Our first visit was in January 2014 and we've been coming ever since! We keep coming back because it is a very special place for us all, from its calm atmosphere, the location, the superb design and environmental ethos, and the very helpful staff. The lodges are easily accessible for my daughter who uses a wheelchair which makes our holiday from home even more comfortable.’

Anne Barnett, has visited Brompton Lakes 34 times since 2014.

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