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Kynren: “An Epic Tale of England”

This outdoor show has been named in TripAdvisor’s Top 5 Performances to see in the UK, running each year from late June to the middle of September. Roy Stephenson, Holiday at Home Director, explains why it is a “must-see”…

The thought of spending a treasured August Saturday night out in Bishop Auckland wasn’t exactly top of my list of things to do. However, when my daughter gave me a couple of tickets for my birthday that was the catalyst we needed. So many people had been raving on about Kynren, I was curious to find out what all the fuss was about.  

Kynren Cloth of Gold - Yorkshire

What is Kynren based on?

Kynren is the vision of Johnathan Ruffer, a financier and art collector turned philanthropist who grew up in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. Together with co-founder Anne Isabelle Daulon they have created two charities called Eleven Arches and The Auckland Project.  Their aim is to regenerate the area and establish Bishop Auckland as a national and International tourist destination. It’s certainly working!

I don’t wish to risk spoiling the show by revealing too much, because it is perhaps the element of surprise that has the biggest impact. I have lived in this area my whole life and halfway through the show I remember thinking to myself, how on earth did all this come to be, in Bishop Auckland of all places?   

Discover Kynren
Kynren Longship - Yorkshire

It’s a 90-minute live action show

A journey through 2000 years of history as seen through the eyes of Arthur, a young boy turned time traveller who discovers “the story of us”.  Think Game of Thrones meets Horrible Histories with levitating longboats, marauding Vikings, galloping horses, flocks of fully trained geese and a cast of thousands.

A visual feast par excellence backed up with music and special effects to tickle all your senses. You get transported quickly from epic scene to epic scene.  

things to do in yorkshire

It isn’t, however, a history lesson...

This is a high-quality production, like a movie playing before your eyes. A spellbinding visual feast and incredibly high-quality production. An 8,000-seat amphitheatre – known as The Tribune – gives a great view of the action. Bearing in mind the “stage” is several metres wide, it’s difficult to know where to look. There can be so many things going on simultaneously.   

It’s obvious that a huge amount of time, thought and money has been invested in the local infrastructure in terms of signage, parking, toilet facilities and footpaths etc. If anything, it’s a bit over the top.  Access is good and there are several car parks.  Once you are in there are a number of “fast” food outlets and bars. But get there early if you want to avoid long queues. 

“I am now a convert, and happy to tell anyone who will listen how good it is”

When does it take place?

The show is played on Saturday nights throughout the summer. It is approximately a 30-minute drive from many of our Yorkshire holiday homes. For those looking for an epic adventure during their stay in the coming month, don’t miss out! 

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