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Considering Installing a Hot Tub?

Holiday homes with hot tubs are consistently popular, so including one will make your property more appealing to guests. Whilst they achieve a high return and year-round occupancy, they do require extra consideration on a changeover. Regular maintenance will ensure they run smoothly and remain hygienic for guests to enjoy each stay.

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Is it for you?

People love holiday homes with hot tubs. They are definitely in demand across all styles and sizes of property.

They help to make a break that extra bit special and will undoubtedly elevate a property above others that don’t offer this luxury item. It does enhance your rates, and your property will also enjoy a higher level of year-round occupancy as they make a winter break a bit more fun.

They do add time and cost to running a holiday let. It’s important you or your housekeeper can make the time to change them over between guests and that your booking values cover the costs.

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Different Styles of Hot Tub

As you might imagine, hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, you need to ensure you get the right size for the number of guests your home can accommodate.

The most popular style? The electrically powered acrylic tub, complete with bubble jets. This style is easy to operate and the temperature can be adjusted at the touch of a button. They can have plastic or wooden sides, and be round or square.

The other option is a wooden hot tub which looks stylish, so is often chosen in keeping with a period property or lodge. These can either be electrically heated or wood-fired or both.

Luxury cabin with hot tub

Firing Up The Tub

It’s important you choose the right fuel source, ensuring your costs are managed efficiently. Most hot tubs are electric, with a well-insulated lid and external panels to retain heat.

When you add an air source heat pump it becomes more eco-friendly, by helping to get the hot tub temperature up as energy-efficiently as possible.

Wood-fired looks great and is well suited to Owners with access to plenty of logs. If you choose the wood-fired route, remember not all guests will be adept at building and lighting the burner required for it to function.

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Siting the Hot Tub

The hot tub adds appeal to your outside space. Site it in an area that is convenient for water and drainage, whilst making the most of the view. Sipping a glass of bubbles whilst sitting in bubbles overlooking the spectacular Yorkshire countryside is a winning combination.

People will want privacy, so try and locate the tub somewhere not overlooked by neighbours,. Or, add strategically placed shrubs/trees to provide extra privacy.

If you choose a wood-fired option, be aware they do produce smoke so site this style of tub away from neighbouring properties.

If you can, add an overhead structure to protect guests from a showery day. More importantly, it will extend the use of the tub across all seasons and keep it in better repair.

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Hot Tub Maintenance

They are all different and each one will come with its own instructions, it’s imperative that you stick to these guidelines.

Guidance states, and your guests will expect, a freshly filled hot tub for each arrival so this needs factoring into the changeover. After filling the tub, it will take a number of hours to reach temperature so emptying and refilling the tub should be prioritised at each changeover.

The water must be tested to make sure it contains the correct levels of chemicals. You must also ensure regular servicing. It’s also useful to add guidance and a disclaimer for your guests’ use.

More Guidance
cottage with hot tub yorkshire

External Lighting

External lighting is an important health and safety feature for any holiday home, and especially so around the hot tub area.

You don’t want the lighting to be too bright, just as long as people can see where they are going.  If your hot tub isn’t right outside the door, a light on a sensor will ensure safe passage to and from the tub. Think of adding twinkly overhead lighting to the mix, which can also add to the ambience of the area.

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