Keeping your Hot Tub Safe During Your Stay

As you are staying in one of our hot tub holiday homes, prior to your arrival your hot tub has been disinfected, drained and refilled with fresh water. This water has been treated with bromine to ensure that it is ready for you to enjoy!

During your stay, you will need to maintain the Bromine and pH levels of the tub. This is a simple and straightforward process to follow and will ensure that you and party are always entering a hot tub which is safe.

There are two reasons why we treat hot tub water with chemicals. Firstly, the water must be sanitized so that it is free from harmful organisms, free from unsightly algae and from bather wastes such as body oils and cosmetics. Secondly, the pH level of the water must be balanced so that the water is not too acidic nor too alkaline. This is to ensure that the bromine can work as effectively as possible and so that no irritation is caused to the user’s skin.

Below you will find instructions to provide guidance on how to test whether your hot tub needs chemicals adding.

If you have any questions about your hot tub in your holiday home, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our reception on 01748 850333.

Water testing procedures using the Insta Test 3 Plus Strips

  1. Remove a test strip from bottle. Please try to avoid any moisture getting into the container as this could damage the remainder of the strips.
  2. Immerse test strip in the hot tub water for 5 seconds.
  3. Hold the 3 pads on the test strip up against the side of the container to compare the colours against the chart provided on the side of the tube (note the OK range that you are aiming for). If the pH level and the bromine level are within the ‘OK’ range, no further action is required.
  4. If the test shows that the pH level of the hot tub needs to be lowered, follow these steps: Turn on the jets, add one tub of pH Minus to the hot tub water directly above one of the jets to allow the pH Minus to circulate throughout the tub.
  5. If the test shows that additional Bromine needs to be added to the water, follow these steps: ensure the jets are running, add one tub of Bromine to the hot tub water directly above one of the jets to allow the Bromine to circulate throughout the tub.
  6. Allow the chemical to circulate and dissolve in the water then repeat steps 1 to 3.
  7. Always wash your hands after testing the hot tub.


  1. Always avoid direct contact with the chemicals. If you do get chemical on your skin, wash immediately using hot soapy water.
  2. Never mix chemicals other than in the hot tub water.

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