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Creating An Accessible Holiday Home

The market for accessible holiday homes is ever increasing. In fact, according to Visit Britain, it is estimated that one in six people in England and Wales have an activity-limiting health problem or a disability. What’s more, we are an ageing population and this older sector represents a huge slice of the holiday cottage market.

It makes sense to design a layout that works for those with reduced mobility, it can also add appeal to your holiday home. It’s estimated the accessible tourism market is worth £12bn in England alone!

Ground Floor Bedrooms and Bathrooms

If you are able to add a ground-floor en-suite bedroom, this can be a huge plus point. For larger properties, this will mean your holiday home will appeal to those groups with older grandparents in the party.

For smaller one-bedroom properties you’ll appeal to retired couples looking for a short break.

Wet rooms are a better choice over a bath; as well as offering easier access they also fit into a smaller space and can look very stylish.

Make sure bathroom tiles are non-slip and you include a bath mat. Offering to include suction handrails and a shower seat are also a good option; these provide a low-cost option that can be easily stored away when not required.

Accessible bedrooms and bathrooms in holiday homes can still look great!

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Add A Stair Rail

If there are stairs in the property then the simple addition of a handrail can help to make your property suitable for people with some mobility issues

The Visit England Guide – One Step ahead  (looks at accommodating older and less mobile guests) states:

“Provide at least one handrail next to the steps or stairs (both sides are better) that easy to grip, there should be sufficient space for a firm hold but your arm shouldn’t be able to slip through”

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Keep Floor Areas Clear

To ensure your property appeals to the reduced mobility market, you’ll need to give some extra thought to the layout. Routes through your property should be clear of obstructions, with plenty of room for guests to easily move around.

The Visit England Guide – One Step ahead again states:

“Ensure the bedroom provides clear space to walk around without bumping into furniture, are the windows easily reached, and are they simple to operate”

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Wheelchair Friendly

If you’re considering going wheelchair friendly then you’ll have to think about entrance ramps and ensure external/internal doors are of sufficient width. It’s also important to think about cupboard heights and the height of other fixtures and fittings in the bathrooms and bedrooms.

There are specific Visit England guidelines that must be adhered to, to ensure they are suitable for a variety of levels of disability which you can find by clicking here.

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Outside Space and Parking

It’s very important to also ensure that outside areas are also accessible. Ensure all pathways are level and well maintained, and they are adequately lit as guests may well arrive later in the day, especially during the Winter months, and need to clearly see where they are going.

Parking is also important, so try to make this as close to the property as possible

You’ll find help with this here the step-by-step guides will help you to produce your own guide.

Accessibility Guide

Creating an access guide and a floor plan will help guests determine whether your property is the right one for them. It will also assist you in appraising how accessible your holiday home is.


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